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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:Do you accept Medicare, Medicaid, or supplements to Medicare?

    A:The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services does not recognize freestanding emergency centers. Due to CMS regulations, we don’t accept Medicare or Medicaid payments or supplements, however, we offer additional payment plan options.

  • Q:What exactly is a freestanding emergency room?

    A:A freestanding emergency room is not directly connected to major hospitals, and instead, we stand as a state-licensed ER with 24/7 care in a much more relaxed and comfortable setting.

  • Q:Are freestanding ER’s cheaper than traditional urgent care centers?

    A:No, we generally offer the same costs as most traditional hospital-based ERs. However, we provide Odessa patients with streamline services that are much quicker, convenient, in a professional and personal manner. This is what sets us apart from most practices in our area.

  • Q:What's the difference between Excel ER Odessa and a regular urgent care clinic or a hospital emergency room?

    A:You can easily compare our services with those offered at traditional clinics and hospital ERs and make an informed decision concerning which one would best suit your needs.

  • Q:What counts as an emergency?

    A:If you feel you are experiencing a health emergency, don't hesitate to visit Excel ER Odessa. You know your body better than anyone else and we'll be happy to provide any treatment or diagnoses you need so that you can return to your life with renewed confidence and vigor.

  • Q:Do I need to call ahead and schedule an appointment?

    A:No! Just come straight to Excel ER - Odessa, and we'll be happy to provide immediate assistance and treatment.

  • Q:What happens if I need to go to a hospital?

    A:It's not a problem at all. We can arrange an immediate transfer and coordinate with the doctors and surgeons there so that you can be sure to receive the care you need in the quickest timeframe possible.

  • Q:How long will I have to wait before I'm helped?

    A:You're probably used to the long lines and tedious processes at traditional clinics and hospital emergency rooms. We're happy to break the news to you that at Excel ER, there's no waiting required! As soon as you come in, we'll assess your condition and gather all the important information we need so we can start arranging your treatment. You'll be amazed by how quick the process is.

  • Q:What are you doing to help patients manage out-of-pocket costs?

    A:As you can imagine, we are subject to many legal and regulatory restrictions when it comes to patient costs, but we are offering programs, payment options, and discounts whenever we can. We do not balance bill.

  • Q:Are the amounts listed what I will have to pay for a service?

    A:More than likely, no. The amounts we have listed on our website are basic (often referred to as usual and customary) - undiscounted prices. They most likely do not reflect a patient’s actual financial responsibility. These prices can vary significantly based on many factors, such as the care and services an individual requires, if he or she is insured, and by which insurer or plan he or she is covered. The amount collected by our facility is almost always less than the amount provided on our fee schedule due to negotiations with your insurance company. Some insurances pay facilities much less than the amount listed and, since we do not participate with in-network contracts, many may pay according to your out-of-network benefit schedule. Our job is to appeal your claim following the law (prudent layperson). We will gladly work with your insurance carrier to negotiate a fair and reasonable claim settlement as well.

  • Q:What is the pricing difference between the hospital and a freestanding emergency room?

    A:Freestanding emergency rooms and hospitals charge comparable pricing. However, you may find that a freestanding emergency room may be priced lower on some services than a hospital because we can obtain some services for less money and pass those savings onto our customers.

  • Q:How many bills will I receive?

    A:Unlike hospitals, our facility does not bill separately for any laboratory, pathology, radiological exams, and related interpretations. You will receive two (2) bills on a single statement after all negotiations and appeals are finalized and your insurance has settled the bill: 

  • Q:How much is a service going to cost?

    A:Since our facility is an emergency room, charges are determined by the amount of treatment and care needed for the patient which is determined by the doctor during the medical screening exam. Sometimes, life-saving interventions are required, and time does not allow the doctor and staff to discuss the costs of services. As required by law, the provider must first perform the medical screening exam to determine if a medical emergency exists before financial information can be discussed.

  • Q:Why can’t you provide actual charges or out-of-pocket costs for patients?

    A:Charges and out-of-pocket costs vary from person to person based on your specific insurance benefits, and are difficult for us to estimate. A person’s financial responsibility – or out-of-pocket costs – is dependent on many factors, including if he or she is insured, by which insurer and under which plan he or she is covered, and if he or she qualifies for financial assistance. Because this varies so much from individual to individual, we cannot make blanket statements about actual charges or out-of-pocket costs. Also, any charges that a patient incurs are dependent on a variety of factors such as the seriousness of the patient’s condition (acuity), procedure/s performed, anesthesia administered, admission to short term observation, unexpected complications that arise, specific supplies and items needed for his or her care, and additional testing required or recommended to assess his or her condition.

  • Q:How does a provider set its prices?

    A:Healthcare providers’ prices are based on the cost of the service (i.e. equipment and supplies, personnel, etc.), prices charged by competitors, and prices of similar services offered. Facility prices are set to take into account the expected mix of patients seen and reflect expected payments from varied insurance payors as their payments on claims are often inconsistent, vary from payor to payor, and dependent on the beneficiary’s policy and coverage. In addition, they are typically set to achieve an overall small positive margin, so a facility can keep up with community needs, reinvest in the facility’s services and facility, provide care for those who can’t pay, and collaborate with and support organizations that share its mission. We also review the local hospital fee schedules in our geographical areas and have often found we are cheaper on some or most services.


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  • Fast & Friendly Service

    “Highly recommend. They did all they could to get my little one to feel better.”

    - L. Payne
  • Best Clinic

    “The doctor and nursing were very professional. Absolutely the best clinic I have ever been to and strongly recommend this place.”

    - Ryan B.
  • In & Out Promptly

    “Great experience and super friendly staff. Stopped in for a COVID-19 test and they had me in and out promptly and provided many resources I could use to follow up.”

    - Mark O.
  • Patient & Friendly

    “The staff very helpful and were not at all rushing me. I came in with multiple symptoms and they were very thorough at checking on all possibilities. Very patient and friendly.”

    - Sonya S.
  • Good as New

    “Once I arrived the check-in was fast, once the nurse and doctor got to work on my toe it was a quick process to get me back on my feet and out the door on my way...good as new.”

    - Erik H.

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